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Working with amazing organizations

December 7, 2012

I believe my favorite part of C4G was being able to work with Non-Profit Orgs. Specifically, the Marcus Autism Center was a great organization to be working with, since we had the ability to visit the location every week. What made this project that much more impactful was the fact that Dr. Abowd was so close not only to the organization, but also to Autism.

Not only did we get to meet with the staff of the center, but we had a chance to truly get to know all of our stakeholders and end users for our Resource Center project. Throughout the course, we met with several clinicians, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta staff, Marcus staff and, my favorite was speaking to the parents and family members that use the space and visit the center every day.

In addition to all of this as well, Taylor and I got to see just how much we were helping the Center grow. Since we stepped in at the very beginning of what will be a long, multi-phased process, we were able to help brainstorm for future plans and open the minds of Marcus staff and stakeholders to just how amazing this project can be.

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