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Tracking Developmental Milestones Through a Mobile Application with CDC’s LTSAE Program

December 7, 2012

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Project Description

The CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early” program aims to improve early identification of developmental disabilities in young children. To help increase awareness and identification among caregivers, our team has created an Android application that serves as a milestone tracker. Through the app, parents and/or caregivers can create profiles for individual children and track if the child is meeting expected social, language, cognitive, and physical developmental milestones at corresponding ages.

C4G Team

Stephen Gadd, Priya Kurani, David Muñoz, Masar Sakr


As a senior Computer Science major this class was designed to be a capstone of all the things that I have learned since I have been at Georgia Tech, in addition, to learning how to work with real world clients and to meet their needs. However, what I took away from this class the most was the effect of technology on charities and how technology can deliver immediate results at very low cost. With our group’s application we will increase awareness of behavioral disorders and create a conversation between parents, caretakers and doctors. Subsequently, after this course I would like to continue to work with charities and donate my time to make a difference around my community.


I have a background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience and am a first year in the HCI Master’s program. This class, unlike most of my past and current work, has given me valuable experience working with clients in the real world to complete a product mutually negotiated by both parties. Through this class, I also had the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team consisting of graduate and undergraduate students with diverse backgrounds. What has impacted me the most, however, is the opportunity to hear various clients and organizations present their amazing work and their need for some technology-based system to improve the quality and quantity of the services. It is clear from these presentations that there are a lot of passionate leaders out there and it’s exciting that a semester-long project can aid these leaders and their organizations. Coursework at Georgia Tech gives its students valuable skills, but it can also give them the unique opportunity to give back to their community with these newly gained skills

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