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My C4G Experience

December 7, 2012

My C4G Experience 

Earlier this semester I signed up for Computing for Good thinking it’s a course different from all other courses. I’ve always wanted to contribute to the society in some way and C4G provided me with this opportunity. Hearing about all the different projects presented by various organizations along with discussions we had in class made me realize that there was so much one could do to help. I decided to choose the recycling project with the Office of Solid Waste Management and Recycling at Georgia Tech since I feel for the cause of environmental conservation.

Our problem statement was as simple as “Increase recycling on Tech campus”. We thought of many ways we could do that and concluded that the best way to do that was to increase awareness about Recycling. We immediately realized that this would be an effective way to increase overall recycling on campus since we ourselves became more conscious about what we recycled and what we didn’t once we started working on the project and became aware of where and what we could recycle.

We developed a contest that engages users in recycling awareness on campus. The contest encourages users to explore certain areas of campus in order to discover the numerous indoor and outdoor recycling areas provided to the student population. The purpose of the contest is to give students a greater awareness of recycling opportunities and serve to educate them of recycling best practices in the process. Coupled with a great team and an extremely cooperative partner organization working on the project was a pleasure. With guidance from the professors and inputs from our peers we were able to make decisions on what would make the app most useful. One great thing about C4G is the constant feedback and support we got from our fellow students, unlike most other courses where everyone is most bothered about grades.

On the first day of class Prof. Vempala told us that it would be a lot of work but the rewards would be far more. Today, I can agree with this statement. C4G did indeed turn out to be a different course. Most of all, it taught me how to make a difference.

-Madhura Bhave

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