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Computing for Good Fall 2012

December 7, 2012

During C4G in Fall 2012, I worked with a group to develop the Indian National Autism Registry for Action for Autism in India. I had been having a hard time finding my niche in computer science and my work with INAR really helped me find my strengths. I took C4G as an equivalent to undergraduate senior design but only just before registration ended. Previously, I had attended the lectures for the regular Computer Science undergrad senior design. I found that the difference between the two was that with regular senior design, students were given exact specs and details for their project whereas with C4G we had to work with the clients and our professors to find the best solution.

That’s where I realized my strength was. I really enjoyed communicating between the team, our professor, and the client. I enjoyed the peopled centered work of managing meetings, evaluations, and project concepts. I enjoyed the ‘paperwork’ of creating proposals and progress reports. I found that computer science was a lot more than its perception of being just about coding. I realized that there’s a lot more that goes into the design and creation of a system than coding and it.

Through C4G, I received a research grant to continue the work our group did next semester. It will be my first time doing research and I could not be more glad that it is for such a good cause. I hope to work in a C4G related field, hopefully education technology for the underprivileged, after graduation. Before this class, I only had goals with no knowledge or experience to know that this is the field for me. Now with this experience, as well as through my research next semester, I hope to break away from the rat race and get into education technology.

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