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World Food Garden

October 15, 2009

After a few initial weeks of requirements gathering, a sit-down meeting, and plenty of email correspondence, the direction for the World Food Garden (WFG) is becoming more clear.  Many factors were weighed in regards to platform selection, and after deliberation, it’s been decided that the WFG will work on the WordPress platform, utilizing php and MySQL.

This decision allows both Andrew and Lydia to begin working full-steam-ahead.  Eve Sibley has created a page on the project’s specific wiki where both developers can fill a calendar with deadlines, priorities, and provide progress reports.

Upcoming tasks for Lydia include:

-Designing the WordPress Template.

-Diagramming the Flow for the new Website.

-Creating Wireframes to present to Eve for review.

Andrew has recently discovered a WordPress compatible Google Maps plugin that will allow for all of the utilities that the WFG desires.  Andrew will also be working closely with a new contact the WFG has gained.  Cyril, a developer at Eve’s new home ( is well-versed in both MySQL and WordPress plug-in use.  Andrew will establish strong communication with Cyrill while continuing to familiarize himself with the php language and WordPress platform moving forward.

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