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Healthy People 2020: Finding Government Contacts

October 15, 2009

Our group is working with the CDC to develop the online version of Healthy People 2020. One of the first steps we’ve taken is to try to find people in county health departments who use the current system; these contacts will be able to tell us how they use the current system, what sort of information they look for, and what changes they’d like to see, as well as providing feedback on our designs and prototypes as our work progresses.

Of course, as you may have guessed, finding the right person to talk to in a government agency can be kind of a challenge. As long as you call during operating hours, it’s generally pretty easy to get a real person on the phone at a county health department, but often this person hasn’t heard of Healthy People and isn’t sure who uses it. Still, they’re happy to connect you to their supervisor, who often is out of the office, so you leave a voicemail and hope they get back to you. Other times, you end up talking to some one who doesn’t use Healthy People and doesn’t know of anyone who does. Still, we are making progress, finding contacts, and starting to design our system.

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