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Speaker from World Food Garden

September 15, 2009

Eve Sibley, the Founder of World Food Garden, came and spoke with us on August 27th.  She briefly described some of her past, which included an education in the Arts and a hobby in maintaining her own small food garden.  Over time her hobby became her passion, and after some more experience in sustainable and environmentally beneficial gardening practices Eve started World Food Garden.  Her vision was to provide a place that could not only serve as a support network for other people with her same passion, but also inspire gardening newcomers to join the cause and provide them with all of the tips and advice they would need.

Without any background in technology, Eve’s vision has become a reality with the help of some more tech savvy volunteers, and can be found at   There are already an enormous number of users on ALL SEVEN continents in the world who’ve made a profile for a garden of their own.

Unfortunately, the current website is cluttered, making it hard to navigate.  And once users do find the information they’re looking for, many get frustrated because much of the data is generated dynamically and causes the pages to load slowly.  Our project hopes to convert the old ASP based website into a new one using an open source tool like Semantic MediaWiki.  This way we’ll be able to simultaneously reorganize the website visually, while also switching it over to a platform that is more prepared to handle the type of information being displayed on the site.

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