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Class Has Started

August 19, 2009

The second C4G class *ever* started yesterday at Georgia Tech. Forty five grad and undergrad students, 8 women, 12 projects in sustainability, health, education, homelessness, disaster recovery…a pretty broad selection. The choices for students on location can be found on the class website.

A team of five software engineers from Quant Systems in India are participating remotely. Their project is called Bridging Contributors and Charities.  Thjey want to build a website that connects volunteers, donors and other contributors to charities and service organizations in need, e.g., orphanages, old age homes, blood banks etc., with information on the facilities, services offered, scope for donations/service, contact information, location details, modalities, year wise statistics etc. The goal is to enable people who have time or money or ideas to quickly and efficiently channel their resources towards a worthy local cause. The initial focus will be Vizag, India.

Professor Vempala opened it up by telling students to be there because they want to be there, not because they have to fulfill a requirement or otherwise fill some time. It’s a serious endeavor and the broad goal is to solve important, socially impactful problems for resource and infrastructure poor places around the world and in Atlanta. The questions students will face will be ethical and moral as well as technical, and the answers have yet to be figured out in the field itself.

Looking forward to the next 16 weeks.

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